Monday, January 10, 2011

One word.........

The critic and  I have been at either ends of the food spectrum since I started this little journey. That is until last night. The two of us reached a point in our ongoing battle that signaled a truce if you could call it so. Now normally if I even dare to think of along those lines I am proven oh so wrong on many levels. 

Last nights result with dinner scared me. It was probably a once off occurrence. An alignment of planets or some such where things swung my way.

I didn't tread lightly. Ha I never do. Tonight's dish was lamb with spring vegetables.

I grabbed a few lamb steaks, seasoned with salt and pepper with a little olive oil and cooked them for a few minutes both sides. Once cooked put them on a plate and covered in foil.

Now onto the vegetables. Cut up a bunch of spring onions roughly, 150gr of green beans, add some olive oil to the pan where the meat was cooked, and throw in the above vegetables. Cook until glossy. Add 150gr of frozen peas, two baby lettuces and 185ml of chicken stock with a little salt and pepper. Bring to the boil, then cover, reduce the heat to low and simmer till the vegetables are tender.

Cut the lamb and serve with the vegetables.

Again the meal went down well for my wife and I. The green beans could have been cooked a little bit longer, was my main sticking point but other than that we were happy. The critic on the other hand enjoyed it as well. Knock me over and call me shorty.

I better clear things up. She didn't enjoy the lettuce but the green beans, peas and lamb she ate. She even asked for some of the juice that the vegetables were cooked in. Didn't try it but she asked !


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