Friday, January 7, 2011

No no no no !!!! Marinate you idiot !!!!

Talk about a mixed up day. Did the fortnightly shopping which was quite affordable with so many new dishes on the menu. A pleasant surprise I must say. The pantry is now well and truly stocked for any occasion and any dish I might wish to try in the future. Is there any greater feeling than having a well stocked pantry ?

Meat wasn't to bad price wise either. We've found two good butchers so far. One quite close the other unfortunately further away but fantastic. A big thank you goes to my sister for finding that one and telling us.

Well I had the menu planned out for the night. Thai chicken skewers with boiled rice and served with lime to dress followed by Butterscotch Banana's. It sounded good. The editor was very excited and couldn't wait. I knew the critic wasn't going to like it as she had never tried Thai chicken before but I was hoping to open her mind and taste buds. Hoping.

Everything was going well until my wife, the editor, read the recipe. Something I pride myself on doing each and every time, making sure I understand everything. It wasn't going to take long to do. About 15 minutes for prep and a further 10 or so minutes for cooking. With about an hour till dinner my wife read the recipe and in writing standing out on its own were the words - marinate for 4 hours.

Since I didn't want to have dinner at around 10pm, the chicken dish is now on the menu for the next night.

Have you ever seen someone deflate extremely quickly ? So full of hope and joy one minute then seconds later full of despair. I have and it's not a pretty sight.

With nothing but frozen meat, no veggies (that shopping happens on the day I need the ingredients) but a stacked pantry, I did what every good cook does. I ordered Chinese.

Still had the Butterscotch Banana's to come through. I could still redeem myself. Ha ha. Funny.

The recipe was easy. Butter, dark brown sugar (recipe called for light brown muscovado sugar - which I can't find anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find this ?) and golden syrup in a pot and cooked until butter melted and the sugar was dissolved. Banana's, 2 of them, cut into big chunks and the juice of one lemon squeezed over them. Put banana's into pot, on low heat, pour over the sauce and simmer for one hour and serve with ice cream.

Followed the recipe to a tee but I must say that I didn't even need the critics help on this one. Wasn't really a dish that would set my taste buds on fire. My mum makes a better version with rum.

So a disappointing finish to the day but head up, Thai chicken tomorrow. Oh and this time I'll make sure I marinate.

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