Saturday, January 8, 2011

Every foodies dream, Two for the price of One !!

Sorry about last night people. Was feeling lazy and the blog was the last thing on my mind. So today everyone gets treated to two for the price of one.

Last nights dinner was Thai chicken with rice and a home made peanut dipping sauce. Tonight's dinner was a simple grilled steak (porterhouse of course - the preferred cut) served with home made chips and a avocado salsa. To add to the mix lunch today was a ploughman's lunch. What can I say I was feeling generous !!

Both dinners went down well. As you could probably guess, the critic took one look at the Thai chicken and peanut sauce and tonight's salsa and said the magic words, as her little nose wrinkled up "smells yucky".

So I have the critic worked out. I give her a little dish on the side for trying and then also give her a plain seasoned piece of the meat we are eating. I'll break down that food barrier one day. The critic is sitting here daring me. Oh she knows how to push buttons. Ha !!

Both dishes were simple and easy to make which meant time to spend with the family.

The Thai chicken was prepared 4 hours earlier to help soak the marinade in and then took about 20 minutes to cook. The peanut dipping sauce took all of 20 minutes to prep and 5 minutes to cook (buy roasted peanuts would cut the prep time down by, oh let's say 15 minutes - damn you raw peanuts).

The steak, salsa and home made chips were even easier. Chips were in the oven about 35 minutes. Salsa made just before the chips were in the oven. This step took 5 minutes. And the steaks took 8 minutes to cook. Easy as.

And to top it off, the ploughman's lunch was even easier. Take a massive plate. Onto it goes a generous serving of grape, apple, strawberries, cheese, bread and whatever else your heart desires.

And this time no bloody paddle pop lion !

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