Thursday, December 30, 2010

Readers Favourities or Requests Only !!!!!!!

Can't say I've really earnt it but it has been good having a few days from cooking. Big thank you goes out to all who did the cooking in the last few days it has been lovely. And now I'm inspired again. Time to create.

The last two days have been requests only. Readers of my little blog (thank you to all of you), a few in particular have requested a few favourites from their reading. The oven roasted sausage dish and the chicken nuggets (mainly as the number of mini critics have now increased ten-fold - no pressure here).

Since my time off has started, the oc has been really nice to me. Hmmmm. I'm a little scared.

The oven roasted sausage dish went down well with all. Raving reviews all round and no bloody paddle pop lion to be seen. Yeah baby. Eat my dust Mr Paddle Pop. You know he's just wanting in the wings to smash me at some point now that I've said that.

Tonight was the sesame chicken nuggets, which have become better everytime I do them. Loads of love go out to my wife and partner in crime, who without her help tonight no of this could have been possible. But with the stress of cooking for 10 people (I know 10 people ain't that much) I have come alive. I enjoyed it. And I get wait to cook for my family.

The oc, as she is now known, still showered me with enough praise, just. She's let me know there is room to improve and that she is happy so far with how things are going.

It's going to be a bumpy ride as I'm hoping to push boundaries in the last remaining weeks.

Here goes nothing.

Welcome to the New Year one and all.

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