Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All. And to All a Good Night.

Not much to report tonight people. I didn't cook tonight due to a huge family feast at my brother and sister inlaws house. Prepared by said sister in law and mother in law. Thank you both for a fantastic meal. And a thank you to the brother in law for the beer.

To the only thing that I created yesterday which was the cherry choc honeycomb ice cream. Tried it tonight and perfecto beautiful. To me I would have skipped the choc honeycomb and added more cherries but I suppose you have to give these things a try.

To the next few weeks an idea or two has come through my wife buying me a cookbook with Spanish recipes. Love Spanish food so I will try to recreate as best I can.

And yes I will still be trying to create my fake chicken skin. Maybe over the next few weeks I'll try it out on a few people. Hehehe.Fun times. And I'll even manage to get one or two friends if it works You know who you are !!!

Well the day is done and I am officially full. Although I am sitting here drink a fine ale while eating a few chips. A think I've earned both.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas like my family and I have. Hope you shared it with family and friends. And I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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