Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm thinking of pushing the boundaries at least once (depending on how it goes down) on this journey of mine. I'm going down the path of an idol of mine, Heston Blumenthal (won't be in the same league by a long shot).

I have an idea for a dish that I love cooking and my family enjoyed. I say enjoyed because once I stuff around with it and it doesn't work I'll be banned from cooking it forever. FOREVER.........

The dish is a take on the traditional Roast Chicken. It will be oven roasted as I normally do, but the skin will be different all together.

Different because I am looking at creating the skin.

KABAM !!!! POW !!!!!! and lots of other Adam West Batman like sound effects. Yes you heard me correctly people. I'm going to create the crunchy skin of a roast chicken.

It's going to look like crunchy chicken skin but it is going to taste completely different.

This is going to be fun. It's going to get messy and there is going to be a whole lot of taste testing.

Fingers crossed this works.

23 days till the journey starts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Looking Over The Edge

Well hello to you all and thank you for joining me on what can only be described as a rather large leap of faith in my cooking skills.

The mission behind my setting up this little blog is to detail my day to day journey through the wonders of cooking.

As of the 11th of December 2010, I am starting holidays that will end on the 16th of January 2011. For this entire time I will be endeavouring to cook for my family, consisting of my beautiful wife and 3 year old daughter.

The Aim: cook for my family - breakfast/lunch/dinner every day until my holidays end.

The Tools: I will be armed with all manner of cooking magazines, books and family knowledge (thanks mum), any utensils in our kitchen (and some I might have to buy), and my daughter's help.

The Menu: whatever my family wants plus one or two from me.

If anyone has recipe they would like to share with me or would like to ask for one of the recipes I use then please feel free to write. Any helpful hints and comments would also be appreciated.

So sit back and enjoy one man's culinary journey.
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